Let's fall in love

by incontroL

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A myriad of styles, in an exquisite Vintage mixing pot of Soul, Blues and Swing influenced Disco, Breaks and Hip Hop ! A holistic journey from beginning to end...


released June 30, 2017

Music & lyrics by Julien « incontroL » except for track 1 Lyrics by Miss Bridget Walsh, 5 by Rayna, 7 by The Sweet Life Society, 12 by Luca Scaggiante

Mastering by Bob Katz at Digital Domain (Orlando, USA)
Artwork by Stéphane Foucaud


all rights reserved



incontroL New Caledonia

Welcome :)
I produce all genres of Vintage Remixes & Antique Beats...

#blues #edit #electroblues #electroswing #gospel #jackinhouse #jazz #latino #mashup #minimal #play #record #reggae #remix #swinghop

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Track Name: Glow around you feat. Miss Bridget Walsh

see the glow around you
the fire in your eyes
the moment when I found you
by the stars in the sky

love was always waiting
and we took our time
now the dawn is breaking
through the shadows of your mind

love was never hiding
but we took our time
now the light is breaking
through the shadows of your mind

your mind, your mind …
Track Name: Swing or Dir feat. Rayna
swing or die, don't be shy
swing or die, all the night

shimmy shimmy swing or die
jimmy jimmy don't be shy
come with me swing or die
shimmy shimmy all the night
shimmy shimmy swing or die
missy missy don't be shy
come with me swing or die
shimmy shimmy swing or bye

oh man please now I really need three mai tai
two for me one for my pussy, she's so shy
sometimes joke sometimes dress like a guy
but with more style, I do my time with my rhymes

sorry guy you took the bite like a fish to fries, like a fish to fries oh my…
would you like my number… 666 sorry no I have no time
with my hand I put on my tie, like a good bwoy, like a good bwoy
and walking walking walking…
Yo man enjoy keep playing with your sex toy
Track Name: Brand New T-Shirt feat. The Sweet Life Society
eeny, meeny, miney, mo
put the baby on the po
when he's done, wipe his bum
shove the paper up the lum

why should I control all my actions
when my way of being at this world as a human being
is just the natural expression of myself

don’t you ever find it quite scary
that a huge amount of people, might be included you and me,
live all their lives conditioned by shallow images

I’m wondering why the hell you take the liberty
of throwing some chocolate cream on my t-shirt,
on my brand new t-shirt

I know that chocolate tastes sweet but what if I choose mint?
my mind is mine and I want it to be free
whenever I feel inspired I have to check online
if that idea is mine or the TV

rythm leads your soul, you just catch the vibes
sweet life and incontrol makes you feel alright
music like a spaceship, don't need space and time
from Italy to France we just ride the vibes
Track Name: Where Are You ?
I've been staring at the stars
I've been drinking the ocean
I've been smoking to find you

you came to me into light
and tenderly woke me up
I hear you say I love you

I've been walking on the streets
alone in the big city
loosing myself to find you

you looked at me in the eyes
and hold me tight in your arms
I feel so happy with you

where are you ? where are you …
Track Name: Let's Fall in Love
I want you my baby
I need you my baby
I love you baby

let’s fall in love …
Track Name: Walk The Road feat. Clem
I’ve been walking alone
for so long
I need someone
to carry on
I’ve been dreaming about you
for so long
I need you baby
Track Name: Polkadot Dress feat. Luca Scaggiante
I see two
and that’s just a matter of fact
I drank a whole bottle of Jack
nearly broke my back, heard the crack
but still I dance with you

baby baby
you’re the hottest dancing lady
all the boys around go crazy
but you’re here with me
and they all can see
me shine like TNT
with that see-thru polkadot dress
your hair a big mess
but you’re here with me and they all can see
me shine like TNT
shine like TNT …

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